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Might A Smart Home Become Hacked In Cleveland?

October 06, 2021
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Can your smart home be hacked in Cleveland? The short answer is "rarely”. A smart home system from a tech-savvy installer like Vivint uses high-level encryption and cyber-security measures to deter criminal activity. Only a few advanced online offenders with a lot of time and patience will be successful. Wrongdoers typically go after easier targets and a home security system won’t be on an experienced criminal’s to-do list.

The manner in which Vivint keeps you safe from smart home hackers in Cleveland

Vivint makes incorporating security and home automation components effortless by using wireless technology. With that in mind, the avoidance of wires might equate to more concerns about your home’s online security. Thankfully, Vivint components utilize powerful protections that help thwart a hacker. Here are samples of how Vivint protects you:

1024-bit encryption: Supposedly, 1024-bit encryption can be hacked, but it would need a massive amount of effort and time to bypass. The preponderance of thieves are not going to spend the time, energy, and money to take on this level of encryption.

Disguise your IP address:It’s hard to hack a system you can’t find. Vivint takes steps to keep your smart home private by shielding your IP address to outsiders.

Frequent updates: Your home defense package needs to be ready for the latest threats by frequently releasing patches and updates to firmware and software.

Tips to help protect your Cleveland smart home from becoming hacked

Although Vivint gives you the latest in modern components that are equipped with their own security methods, your own daily practices are also critical to keep your smart home well defended.

Use secure passwords:

Make sure you implement a password that is difficult or nearly impossible to guess for your router and mobile security app. An arbitrary selection of characters are a smarter choice than using something personal like a birthday or child’s name. Longer is always better. It’s also smart to change your passwords periodically.

Never disclose your passwords:

Always keep your network and security passwords protected. When you need to provide a visitor a smart door lock or security code, use a temporary key code. Your neighbors or friends can then check up on the house as needed, and then won’t have access after the code expires.

Inspect your settings regularly:

You might be the one to recognize an issue with your home’s security. If you sense an abnormality, inspect your smart home configuration on your smart hub or mobile app. If there are unauthorized changes, switch out your passwords immediately.

Get your secure smart home today from Vivint!

The best thing you can do to keep your smart home safe and secure is to choose a supplier like Vivint. Our systems utilize innovative cyber criminal deterrents that cause them to be hard and time consuming to break into. Contact (216) 616-8604 or send in the following form to speak with our Vivint specialists and configure your secure smart home.